We're building a school!

In 2019, 2+ acres were purchased in central Hillsborough, North Carolina for the final location of Goloka Community School.

Interim Location

For the 2020-2021 school year, Goloka Community School will be holding classes at an interim location while planning and construction of our final school building is completed. Our nearby interim location is in a beautiful, scenic, and natural setting.

Give Now

Invest in The Future

We are asking for your generous support to help us erect two 30-foot yurts for the school.
We are raising $60,000 for this project.

Examples of the 30-foot yurts.

The yurts will be insulated on the walls and the roof and suitable for all seasons.

Electric and water will be available on-site as well.


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Goloka Community School facilitates children and families in connecting with nature, their communities and spirit through hands-on learning and integration of meditative practices.


“Our eternal relationship with God can be revived in the human form of life, and that should be the goal of education. Indeed, that is the perfection of life and the perfection of education.” – Srimad Bhagavatam 7.6.2 purport

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